Філе лосося з / с для суші. Все для суші. Продукти для суші
Код товару: 2342
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Філе лосося с/с для суші

Розфасовка, вага/об'єм
350-400 г
Країна походження

Deep frozen salmon fillet. Salmon lightly salted on the skin. One frozen fillet weighs approximately 350-400g. Deep freezing, as well as the process of salting fish, help preserve its freshness and usefulness. And lightly salted salmon can be stored longer than fresh salmon. Thus, you can definitely not worry about the quality of the products. 

When sliced, salmon does not flake and keeps its structure, which is why it is ideal for making sushi, rolls and sashimi. Lightly salted salmon can also be used to prepare onigiri, tartares, cold salads and snacks (such as sandwiches). 

It is worth noting that salmon can be used completely, with the skin, as it is absolutely safe and edible. If you still separate the fillet from the skin, then in order to maximize the use of raw materials, we suggest that you prepare crispy chips from the skin using a deep fryer, which will be a great snack for beer or as a decoration for your dishes. This snack is incredibly popular in Asia.


Lightly salted salmon fillet with skin on

Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy value (calories)850 kJ (kJ) / 203 kcal (kcal)
Proteins21.18 g
Fats13 g
Carbohydrates1.35 g
Salt4 g

Storage conditions and shelf life

Store at temperatures no higher than -18°C  and relative air humidity no higher than 80-85%. 

Type of packaging: Vacuum package