Main dish
Fresh pieces of salmon wrapped in thin and transparent rice paper, together with juicy vegetables and fragrant herbs will be the perfect addition to any lunch or dinner.
Yellow Noodles is a traditional Japanese noodle that impresses with its uniqueness and unique taste. It is prepared from wheat flour with the addition of turmeric, which gives a special mild taste and yellow color. It goes perfectly with tender veal in Black Pepper WOK sauce.
Tender pieces of fresh tuna pair perfectly with the exotic flavor of pickled pumpkin. Fragrant rice wrapped in thin seaweed blurs the boundaries between different cuisines, and spicy sauces give the dish a special flavor explosion.
Glazed salmon in soy sauce is a simple and delicious recipe that deserves to be on the menu of any restaurant.
Tataki is a Japanese method of cooking fish and meat. The meat is cooked in a spicy marinade and lightly fried. Served with a green garnish and dressing, which will also delight you with rich taste and health benefits.