Mizkan is a world-renowned manufacturer of the sauces and condiments for sushi


The history started in 1804 from Matazaemon Nakano’s idea to use sake precipitation for the rice vinegar manufacture. The famous chef Yohei Hanaya was so surprised by this vinegar that he started to use it in cooking the rice dressing for new kind of sushi – nigiri-sushi. It was more than two centuries ago but Mizkan continues to create the best rice vinegar in the world using the traditional recipe and high-tech equipment.

Values and Mission 

Mizkan activity is based on two main principles – providing the best quality products for consumers, permanent creation and implementation of the innovative solutions.

The starting point of Mizkan logo is the Nagano family crest. Three lines are the symbols of aroma, taste and consistency. The balance of these three characteristics can be seen in each Mizkan product.


The company has its own research institute that is the world’s first establishment where was undertaken a study of the acetic acid bacteria. The institute strives to become a leading research center of the fermentation technology. It thoroughly monitors all Mizkan products. This process helps to maintain the stable high quality.


Company’s products have a great potential to cook the best Japanese dishes and create own recipes. Besides the rice vinegar, Mizkan offers a wide range of sauces and dressings.