Yamasa – unbroken traditions of quality from 1645


Yamasa is a world leading manufacturer of soy sauce. The company’s history started in 1645 from the opening of the first factory by Gihei Hamaguchi, founder of YAMASA Corporation, in Choshi, Chiba prefecture, Japan.

Over time, the demand for products had raised, that in 1994 Yamasa Corporation decided to open a soy sauce factory in USA, Oregon. Now there are 3 Yamasa Corporation’s factories in the world.

Product quality

Yamasa has an uncompromising attitude towards product quality. Company uses only modern equipment, natural ingredients and traditional recipe at all factories. The process of sauce creation takes about 6-7 months. It is based on method of natural fermentation process. High quality of sauce was assessed by Japanese government and Yamasa soy sauces got the premium status. 

Being an absolute leader in its industry, Yamasa carries out a lot of education programs in order to disseminate a culture of the authentic soy sauce’s consumption.

Modern technology

In 2014 the Company was rewarded for the innovative technology of vacuum packaging during specialized SIAL exhibition. This packaging helps to prevent an oxidation of soy sauce and guarantees ruby red color during whole shelf life. The color is one of the main quality characteristics of real soy sauce.

An environmental friendliness is one of the company’s priorities. Yamasa Corporation efforts to prevent and minimize environmental pollution.

Choice of professionals 

Now a lot of Japanese restaurants choose Yamasa soy sauce all over the world. Every year more and more chefs want to use Yamasa soy sauce on their kitchens. As this sauce is known not only because of authentic taste and natural ingredients, but also because of absence of preservatives and flavor enhancer. 

Professionals choose Yamasa Soy Sauce because:

  • Deep color makes accent and pick out the color of ingredients;
  • Tender taste enhances and completes taste of the dish;
  • Rich aroma consists of 300 aromatic shades. It enriches the dish with new aromatic notes.