Kinjirushi is a world leading manufacturer of wasabi food products



The Company has started its history since 1929 when the future founder Motoji Kobayashi opened an outlet in the central market in Yanagibashi, Japan. After one year he reached wholesale of wasabi. And after three years Kinjirushi engaged in research and open full-cycle manufacture of wasabi powder and other products.

Producing technology and product quality

During the existence, the company has made a dozen of researches and innovations in sphere of the processing and manufacture of wasabi products. Kinjirushi is the world’s first company that started to produce 100% wasabi products without adding horseradish powder and started to sale freshly grated wasabi.

Kinjirushi uses only selected ingredients and modern technologies on its plants. In order to keep an aroma that disappears right after grating, Kinjirushi uses shock freezing technology and only after that started to grate wasabi and immediately pack into vacuum packaging. All these processes make a guarantee to keep main quality indicators of the fresh wasabi root.

Kinjirushi Company has a lot of world awards for products quality.


Kinjirushi strives to offer for consumers just natural and high quality products.

Choice of professionals

Kinjirushi is a name of the best wasabi products. Professional chefs choose Kinjirushi brand. For example, for a long time the worldwide restaurant chain “Nobu” prefers only Kinjirushi products.