Aroy-D is a name of the world-renowned products and ingredients for Pan-Asian cuisine.

This brand has existed in the market since 1986. Now Aroy-D products are exported to more than 70 countries of the world. They are presented in all world major supermarkets.

Products quality

Aroy-D offers high quality products at an optimal price. All ingredients for Aroy-D products are grown on the own environmentally friendly plantations under strict control and with annual certification. Products quality is guaranteed by implemented food safety management system HACCP. A lot of products have marks of compliance with international quality standards.


Authentic sauces and condiments Aroy-D are the leaders of sales in the category in Ukrainian market and unconditional choice among professionals of restaurant business. There are the most popular and often used products in the assortment:

  • Tom Yam Paste Aroy-D;

  • Red Curry Paste Aroy-D;

  • Yellow Curry Paste Aroy-D;

  • Green Curry Paste Aroy-D;

  • Tamarind Paste Aroy-D;

  • Sour&Sweet Sauce Aroy-D;

  • Fish Sauce Aroy-D;

  • Sweet Chili Sauce Aroy-D;

  • Sriracha Chili Sauce Aroy-D and other.