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Kara is an expert in coconut products

Raw materials and food production

An availability of own plantations in Indonesian Sumatra island is one of the Kara’s features.  Employees carefully monitor the process of coconut growth from sowing to processing. Just permanent control guarantees the use only selected raw materials for food production.

The manufacturing process established in a way as the time for delivery coconuts from plantation to the factory amounts less than 24 hours. And the time for processing of raw materials after delivery is less than 5 hours. It gives possibility to keep coconut’s aroma and all healthy qualities in ready products.

Quality control

Being an expert of the food technology, Kara follows the international standards and all the time passes certification by the world-renowned independent expert (IFS, BRC, AIB and ISO). Also the company implemented the food safety management system HACCP.


Kara offers wide range of coconut products that can be used by professional cooks during all phases of culinary process.