The secret of this Vietnamese soup is the broth, which includes numerous spices that give it a special taste and aroma.
Tom Kha soup is a national dish of many Asian countries and is gaining popularity all over the world, literally translated as "cook" or "boil". This dish has a pronounced unique taste and aroma.
This is a traditional Thai soup with a spicy and sour taste and incredible aroma. Popular soup all over the world
Traditional Miso Ramen soup is one of the symbols of Japanese cuisine, which carries an absolutely unique authentic taste and aroma. Miso Ramen is distinguished by its main ingredient - miso paste, which gives it a characteristic sweet taste and rich aroma.
Shoyu Ramen is a traditional soup that is often associated with Japanese cuisine. This is a successful combination of tender broth, noodles, enriched with the aroma of soy sauce and various flavorings.
Vegeterian version of the hot Thai soup with rice noodles.