JS is a wide assortment of products and ingredients for Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisines.



The optimal adherence to the “quality-price” parameter is one of the main characteristics of JS products. JS uses only selected ingredients and 100% imported raw materials.

Mission and priorities of activity

JS mission is to meet the needs in high quality products in professional kitchens and spread knowledge about authentic Japanese cuisine.

Priorities of JS:

  • safety and quality of products;

  • customer satisfaction;

  • an innovative approach.


JS products are presented in these categories:

  • Fish & Seafood (fresh-frozen tuna and izumidai; roasted eel in unagi sauce; capelin and flying fish roe);

  • Frozen seaweed and seafood salads;

  • Sauces and condiments (soy sauce, unagi and teriyaki sauces, mirin, vinegar for sushi and salads, soybean paste, Japanese mayonnaise);

  • Dried seaweed (Nori, Fueru Wakame, Dashi Kombu);

  • Pickled ginger (white and pink);

  • Asian noodle (buckwheat noodles Soba, wheat noodles Udon and Ramen);

  • Products for breading (sesame seeds, tempura mix and breadcrumbs); 

  • Wasabi-products (paste and powder).