Funchoza. Three reasons to cook "glass" noodles
An unusual name for a Ukrainian, but almost native to everyone who loves Asian cuisine - funchoza noodles (or "funkoza") have long served as an excellent basis for various dishes.
Not only for sushi: what is Mitsukan and what does it for?
Is Mitsukan a special type of seasoning for sushi rice or a special kind of rice vinegar
11 facts about starchy noodles
Noodles are the second most popular product in Asia after rice. The variety of Asian noodles is amazing: taste, shape, color, caloric content and composition – all this makes each kind unique and worthy to try.
Light soy sauce versus Dark. Which to chose?
It's no a secret that the most common ingredient in any Asian cuisine is soy sauce. But does everyone understand for what they are?
9 reasons why you should choose Lee Kum Kee products
Lee Kum Kee is the world brand of Chinese sauces. What caused this popularity – read in our article.
Cream cheese: The secret ingredient of the world's culinary masters
The homeland of cream cheese is considered to be the USA, where it was invented in the 1870s. It is said that similar cheeses were made in Europe earlier, but modern cream cheese in the form we are used to was developed specifically by American dairymen.
Worcester sauce: the secrets to the success of an ancient culinary find
Worcester sauce, also known as Worcestershire sauce, is one of the most famous and popular sauces in the world. Its unique taste and aroma made the sauce indispensable for many dishes, especially for meat delicacies. What is the secret of Worcestershire sauce?
"Morskoi Dom" Invites you to travel around the culinary trends of the world
We, the Morskoi Dom Group of Companies, regularly study all world trends and bring the best ones to us. Our main mission is the development of the gastronomic culture of the Ukrainians. That is why we constantly familiarize chefs with new ingredients, and also offer only relevant products on store shelves.
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