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The company "Morsky Dim" - a direct importer of perch, which is produced in large factories and grown by a non-intensive method (the period of cultivation is 6 months - from fry to adult fish).

The company "Morsky Dim" carefully selects suppliers of perch and controls quality. We bring perch to Ukraine, which is supplied to Japan, and this country very strictly selects suppliers and raw materials for its consumers.

Fish is grown in fresh water that comes from large natural reservoirs. Water quality is regularly monitored by testing in the plant's laboratory. Also, the quality of the fish is affected by the feed - it is fed only with certified feed.

All productions have certificates: VAR 4-star certificate, HACPP, BRC

Advantages of the perch "IZUMI-DAl" from "Sea House":

  • Without extraï glaze
  • Quick processing of live fish gives the fillet density, juiciness and sweet taste
  • No bones in the fillet

Choose a perch fillet that is suitable for your menu:

  • PERCH FILLET WITHOUT SKIN. Excellent, easy-to-cook fish. Skinless fillets are used to prepare sashimi, hot and cold dishes, and are also added to salads and soups.
  • PERCH FILLET IN THE SKIN. They are mostly used for frying. High-calibre fillet, which is convenient to use in HoReCa establishments.
  • FRIED PERCH FILLET IN UNAGI SAUCE. Ready-to-eat perch fillet fried in Unagi sauce. Use perch fillet in "Unagi" sauce; TM JS for sushi and sashimi, for hot and cold dishes, for example for salads and soups. This perch fillet goes perfectly with rice, noodles and vegetables.