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Scallop is a popular seafood in many parts of the world, especially in Europe, USA and Asia. This is an incredibly valuable product, as it combines a wonderful taste with many useful medicinal qualities. This mollusk is used in many national cuisines of the world because of its versatility and refined taste. This meat is soft and juicy, which makes it especially attractive for many seafood lovers.

You can see for yourself that sea scallop meat has a delicate and sweet texture that opens up during cooking. Create a variety of dishes using this product: sashimi, salads, fried noodles and rice, or hot grilled dishes. In Asia, especially China and Japan, scallops are often served wok-fried with various sauces or in soups. The brand chef of our company, Ilya Chervenko, suggests cooking scallops in various ways, including frying, boiling, grilling, baking or for a couple They can also be used when serving raw in the form of tartar or carpaccio.

We are always ready to help you introduce our products into your menu. Order sea scallops on the website and enjoy yourself and treat your guests to delicious dishes! «Morskyi Dim» guarantees you the highest quality of each product and, of course, the freshness of sea scallops exported from the heart of Asia.