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An unusual name for a Ukrainian, but almost familiar to everyone who loves Asian cuisine – Funchoza noodles (or "funkoza") have long served as an excellent base for a variety of dishes. Funchoza has its roots in East Asian cuisine: it is used in Korean, Chinese and other cuisines, and is gaining more and more fans every year.

Funchoza, crystal noodles, bean noodles

How is Funchoza made?

Noodles are usually made from flour obtained from sprouted mung bean seeds. This type of beans (another name for beans is mung beans) comes from India, where it has been cultivated since ancient times, and is now cultivated in Asian countries, including China, the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan and others.

Grind grains are made into a paste, stretched into thin strips that later serve as the basis for noodles, dried naturally or in special drying machines. This is how funchose is formed with a very light, soft, natural texture, which becomes transparent or translucent when cooked. The noodles seem to be made of glass, and this texture feature is the main reason why funchoza is called "glass".

Funchose noodles have many advantages, but we love them precisely for:

  • Versatility.
  • Funchoza is often used in salads, soups, main dishes with meat or fish. Great for stir-frying with vegetables or seafood in pan-Asian dishes. It can also serve as a component of rolls or steamed dishes. Compared to other types of noodles, funchoza has a lighter texture, which makes it good for summer salads or as a component of cooling dishes. Isn't it perfect?
  • Quick preparation.
  • Just a few minutes -  and you will get soft, transparent noodles, ready to be added to soups, salads or main dishes! Noodles should not be cooked for longer than 5 minutes, because they will become too soft and lose their uniqueness.
  • Absence of gluten.
  • Made from mung beans, it does not contain any other type of flour, so it is an excellent choice for those who follow their health, and it can become an advantage of your menu. Noodles are rich in vegetable protein, support a balanced diet and add energy.

Funchoza noodles

Immerse yourself in the world of Eastern traditions! Discover the versatility, refined taste and texture of funchoza.

We are sure, from ancient times to the modern table — funchoza will be a bridge between cultures, history and the next delicious dinner for your guests! 

And Morskyi Dim will do everything to ensure that the products for your delicious funchoza dishes are always available. Therefore, our assortment includes high-quality starch noodles from leading brands JS, BICH-CHI and others.

Look for recipes for funchoza and other Asian dishes in our recipe catalog.

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