Light soy sauce versus Dark. Which to chose?

There are 2 main categories of soy sauces – light and dark. The difference is not only in their names but also in their qualities and use.

However, we noticed that many of our Ukrainian cooks are just beginning to get acquainted and work with different types of soy sauce, so they often do not understand the difference between them. But this is important, because light and dark sauces are used for various tasks. Light, for example, is often used for making more complex sauces. It is also ideal for frying, making the dish complete to taste and juicier. By the way, light soy sauce is an excellent salt substitute.

Dark sauce gives a dish an interesting, rich and deep taste, as it has in its taste notes of caramel and light sweetness. It is also able to give the dish a brilliant brown and appetizing color. Lifehack from us: dark soy sauce should be added a few minutes before the dish is ready, as when frying, it can burn.

Let's see what the difference is and what they eat with.

So, we hope that now everyone knows what kind and how to use soy sauce.

And next week we will write what’s the differ between soy sauces of the two main producers – Japanese and Chinese.

Cook with love and with soy sauce!

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