Not only for sushi: what is Mitsukan and what does it for?

In fact, Mitsukan (Mizkan) is the name of a Japanese company that produces various vinegar, sauces and condiments. The company started in 1804 with the production of rice vinegar. First, rice vinegar was used to make sushi. It served as an excellent preservative for rice and fish, as well as an antibacterial agent for raw fish and seafood. Soon the company went beyond Japan and “won the championship” among the producers of rice vinegar in the world.

As soon as the brand has reached the world level, rice vinegar (it is just about white rice vinegar, as there are also other kinds) were called simply Mitsukan (the same was, for example, with a copier, which in honor of the manufacturer was named Xerox). So, if you still think that Mitsukan is a special type of seasoning for sushi rice or a special kind of rice vinegar, then this is not so. And remember: for sushi, only rice vinegar is used and no more. Firstly, it has an almost transparent color, so it does not change the color of the product itself. Secondly, its taste and aroma is much softer and slightly sweet, unlike other vinegars, so the prepared dish will not be "beaten" by a sharp smell and taste. Thirdly, rice vinegar will not worsen the structure of rice and fish.

But, white rice vinegar is used not only for sushi. It gives the dishes a unique flavor, so almost every Asian recipe (and not only) has it in its composition. We have selected the most common options for its application for you.

1. For the preparation of more complex sauces, which are then used for cooking dishes or as dips:

  • sweet chili sauce;
  • sweet and sour sauce;
  • teriyaki;
  • Hoysin;
  • and others.

2. For the preparation of marinades. In addition to sushi, marinades for meat, poultry and fish are also being prepared.

3. Directly when preparing dishes. For example, carp in sweet and sour sauce, Chinese hot and sour soup.

4. For the preparation of salad dressings.

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