Yamasa - a brand for professionals

Yamasa – world leader among producers of soy sauces. Founded in 1645 in Japan, this brand over three centuries has gained a high reputation and a place of honor on the tables of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including the imperial table.

What is so special about Yamasa? And why do professional chefs around the world love this brand so much?

Here are five facts that will definitely inspire you to like the well-known brand.

  • Authenticity. With its 370-year history, Yamasa is a symbol of Japanese manufacturing art, as the brand preserves the ancient traditions of sauce making. There are not many sauce manufacturers in the world who would keep Japanese recipes practically unchanged for such a long time. Equipment, technologies, packaging may change, but the unsurpassed taste of the products remains unshakable. Preserve and pass on the traditional recipe to the next generations – one of the most important tasks of the company. Therefore, if you are looking for a real authentic Asian taste, you should go to Yamasa!
  • Quality. Yamasa products are made from high-quality ingredients, using unique production methods and a controlled fermentation process. All process details – classified, however, this secrecy adds uniqueness, and also allows you to preserve the  reputation of the company. As you know, for a Japanese, reputation – the most important thing And, in order to maintain high quality standards, the brand does not publicize the production processes, and the chefs can be sure that in this case the brand really cannot be faked, so they have in their hands – always an exclusive original product.
  • Assortment. Yamasa offers a whole palette of products from soy sauce to various types of marinades and soup bases that expand the possibilities of culinary creativity. If you need to prepare a Japanese dish, you definitely need Yamasa. And in the Sea House  – the best selection of products of this brand.
  • 100% made in Japan. Yamasa brand products are made exclusively in Japan. This means that Japanese raw materials are used and, most importantly, water from a single source in Japan, which has not changed for many years. This ensures constant and unchanged high quality products for more than 300 years. Unlike other manufacturers who may use the term "Japanese" but have factories all over the world and as a result the taste and quality of their products may vary in different parts of the world.
  • World recognition among professional chefs.  Yamasa products are exported and used in numerous cuisines around the world, adding their unique touch to all dishes. The most popular product of the brand in the world – soy sauce. It is indispensable in Japanese cuisine - where taste and color play an important role in the preparation of each dish. It is because of these characteristics that most chefs of elite Japanese and international restaurants choose Yamasa products, and the most popular is the classic soy sauce. As the manufacturers themselves say, their authentic soy sauce helps bring to life, rather than mask, the flavor of each ingredient in the dish. And professionals really appreciate it.

So you too can be professionals in your field together with the Yamasa brand!

Cook, create, give birth to new flavors! Surprise your guests every day, and «Sea House», as an exclusive supplier of brand Yamasa to Ukraine, will do everything so that you can receive products constantly and in sufficient quantity. Although no, Yamasa is never enough for anyone, you want everything and more – checked! 

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