Kamaboko Chikuwa Surimi Product, TVI, 500g
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Kamaboko Chikuwa Surimi Product, TVI, 500g

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0,5 kg/pack - 20 packs/box

Surimi is minced meat, which is made from minced white fish. Surimi is used to produce various products that imitate seafood (crabs, snow crabs, crab claws, shrimp, etc.). Surimi products are also used as independent dishes.

Kamaboko "Chikuwa" - a kind of kamaboko in the form of a tube with a hole inside. Kamaboko "Chikuwa" is served as a snack in the form of fried or steamed sticks; they can be stuffed with a variety of fillings, fried in tempura (with teriyaki sauce), or used as an ingredient in various soups, such as Japanese udon and ramen, fried noodles (soba), salads, Japanese curries.

Responds to the healthy trend - this is the choice of those who monitor their health. Kamaboko "Chikuwa" will be an excellent decor for a restaurant dish and its original addition.