Vegetable roll in spicy plum sauce

Appetizer with vegetables and light taste of Chinese plum and spice of chili pepper.


  • rice paper (1 sheet)
  • fresh paprika (20 g)
  • fresh cucumber (20 g)
  • celery stalk (15 g)
  • fresh carrot (15 g)
  • bean thread noodles (30 g)
  • baby-corn (15 g)
  • Plum Sauce Lee Kum Kee (40 g)
  • Shriracha Sauce Uni-Eagle (4 g)


1.Damp rice paper in cold water. Put vegetables cut into thin strips and bean thread noodles in the middle of the paper.  

Roll rice paper and cut it into 6 equal pieces.

2.Mix Plum Sauce and Shriracha.

3.Pour bottom of the plate with mixed sauces, put pieces of the vegetable roll and decorate dish.

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