Asian style eggplant caviar
Asian style eggplant caviar

Spicy mix of the roasted eggplant and paprika, hot sauce and herbs.


  • roasted eggplant (70 g)
  • roasted paprika (50 g)
  • cilantro (3 g)
  • garlic (3 g)
  • spring onion (5 g)
  • Shriracha Sauce Uni-Eagle (4 g)
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce Aroy-D (20 g)
  • rice chips (3 pcs)
  • salt and pepper (for taste)


  • Cut an eggplant and paprika into small cubes, mix with chopped spring onion, garlic, cilantro, sweet chili sauce and sriracha sauce.
  • Decorate a dish with rice chips.
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