Whipping cream 35.1% Сharalambides Christes
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Whipping cream 35.1%

Сharalambides Christes
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Natural whipping cream 35.1% fat TM Sharalambides Christes - universal cream for preparing confectionery and culinary dishes for home and professional use.

Country of manufacture: Cyprus

The main advantages of TM Sharalambides Christe cream

  • cream from natural cow's milk without synthetic substitutes, without vegetable fats, preservatives and dyes
  • natural stabilizer in the composition - carrageenan, long shelf life - the result of high-tech, heat treatment during production
  • dense and at the same time delicate structure - an ideal ingredient for preparing creams, mousses and desserts;
  • plastic consistency, which provides an easy process of whipping into a stable cream;
  • smooth dense structure after whipping - without adding chemical stabilizers.

Natural whipping cream meets all the needs of professionals (confectionery and culinary fields):

  • stable organoleptic properties - stable output of the finished dish
  • bright white color - a guarantee of obtaining a clear and necessary color when creating creams, ice cream and decorative elements

Creams correspond to the main trend of the current moment - to optimize costs and reduce the food cost of ready-made dishes without losing quality and taste.

"Remove the cream" means "take the best". And choosing Sharalambides Christes TM cream means taking the best!