Cream cheese cream RICH, Cook Partner, 10kg
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Cream cheese cream RICH, Cook Partner, 10kg

Cook Partner
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CREAM CHEESE "RICH" TM COOK PARTNER is a fresh natural cheese for professional use.

  • WITHOUT vegetable fats, preservatives and dyes
  • Produced from fresh milk (40.8%) and cream (58.1%), hence the name CREAM CHEESE;
  • It has a rich creamy taste and creamy dense structure (mass fraction of fat 73% in dry matter);

CREAM CHEESE "RICH" TM COOK PARTNER is the best ingredient for creating ideal and perfect sushi rolls, spring rolls, sushirito and other Japanese dishes:

  • Keeps the shape of a roll and does not leave marks on rice and fish when cutting;
  • The dense structure of the cheese prevents it from flowing out when deep-fried rolls
  • The dense structure keeps the shape of the roll, which allows you to deliver the order in perfect and whole form;
  • Cream cheese is convenient to use through a confectionery sleeve or cut;
  • The rich taste and fat content of cheese allows you to use it less without losing the taste of the dish;

CREAM CHEESE "RICH" TM COOK PARTNER is an ideal product for professional use in the confectionery industry

  • Baking stable: retains its shape, texture and does not release moisture when exposed to high temperatures. This is a great ingredient for hot cheesecakes;
  • Due to its dense structure, it can be a base to which you can add cream, milk or coconut milk; •Ideal for creating creams and fillings, both sweet and savory: for profiteroles, pita rolls, cupcakes, sandwiches, croissants, bagels, waffles and other dishes;
  • Cream cheese is a wide field for creating new author's desserts, cold and hot cheesecakes, cakes and various other confectionery and restaurant dishes.