The first in Ukraine culinary school of Asian cuisine

CulinarySchoolAsia1.0 is the first culinary school in Ukraine, where experienced chefs-instructors, chefs of their Asian institutions, promote the philosophy of authentic Asia and Asian cooking techniques.

A distinctive feature of the culinary school is a training program that allows you to gradually grasp all the principles of Asian cuisine. Starting from the study of simple interactions of water and salt to the exceptional features of the cuisines of Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and other Asian countries.

The basic course "Intensive" is created for those who want to open a real Asian cuisine. Know its philosophy, history of the dishes, as well as gain knowledge of all the necessary techniques from first-class chefs. The knowledge gained will help to take a fresh look at the classic cuisine of the Asian region and apply them from the amateur table to the professional shop of the restaurant.

In a programme:

- Work with flour, steam and dough

- Fermentation

- Asian vegetarian dishes

- Asian desserts

- Japanese cuisine

- Thai cuisine

- Chinese cuisine

Teaching Staff:

Bogdan Artemenko - founder of Їustіvna Kultura, brand-chef of Tiki Tai Thai establishment, executive chef of CraveCultureRestaurant (UAE) and YasBeach (UAE), cook of Paul'sPlace (Thailand)

Ilya Semin - Chef TinTin, worked at Beef, Reef, participated in VildMAD.

Igor Kramarenko - chef Guramma, Citronelle, Nobu, worked in restaurants guide MichelineBonLloc (Sweden) and Sundmans (Finland)

Ilya Chervenko - brand-chief of the Sea House company, a graduate of the Japanese Sushi Skills Institute, a participant in the international sushi production competition World Sushi Cup Japan 2013.

Duration of training: 7 days

The cost of training includes: products, professional equipment, tasting dishes prepared during the lessons, uniforms, consumables and teaching materials, a certificate of completion of the entire course.

After completing the course, school graduates can undergo an internship in the kitchen of the TinTin restaurant and bar (Kiev).

Cost of education:

15 000 UAH (For the participants of the summit we provide a -30% discount.)


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