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Refined deodorized cooking coconut oil. Kara. 1l

Packaging, weight/volume
1000 ml; 12 pcs/box
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Kara 100% coconut oil for cooking is made from natural coconut and is processed using a modern and hygienic process without the use of artificial flavors and dyes. Kara coconut oil for cooking is more stable at high temperatures, so it can be used several times compared to other types of oils. That is why it is more effective.

Kara Culinary coconut oil retains its beneficial properties at high temperatures. Ideal for frying and baking. It has a neutral taste and aroma. Without flavorings and dyes. No cholesterol. A healthy alternative to other oils.

IDEAL for cooking:

  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Can be used several times
  • Cost is effective