Frozen Scallop DELFIN, 1kg
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Frozen Scallop 120/150 Select, DELFIN, 1kg

Packaging, weight/volume
1 kg/pack - 10 packs/box

"Morskyi Dim" is a direct importer of seafood, whose suppliers we carefully select: we visit factories, evaluate production facilities, test products for quality and taste, and check all technical documentation. All production facilities are HACCP, ISO certified.

Scallop is an exquisite tender meat with a unique taste and useful medicinal properties, used in many national cuisines of the world.

Scallops TM Delfin are

  • High-quality sea scallops of different sizes with excellent taste, allowing the scallop to be a worthy decoration of any dish and menu.
  • Scallops are processed by shock freezing, which retains all consumer properties and taste.
  • After defrosting and heat treatment, they retain their elastic structure, shape and taste.
  • Clam meat is low in calories, so it is suitable for a diet or lean menu.

The taste of clam meat is very tender, sweetish. Sea scallops can be used to prepare many dishes. Scallop size 120/150 is convenient for cooking: appetizers: tartar, gunkan, salads, side dishes: fried noodles and rice, soups and hot grilled dishes.