Retail Exhibition WorldFood 2018

Every year in many countries of the world an exhibition of food products called WorldFood is held. And Ukraine is not an exception. On October 23-25, 2018, the 21st exhibition took place in Kiev, where about 300 players of the retail market of Ukraine gathered.

We, the Group of Companies “Morskoi Dom”, could not miss such an event. The modern Ukrainian consumer has already begun to understand the characteristics of different world cuisines, their ingredients, and began experimenting at home. Therefore, we actively promote the ingredients, dishes and drinks of Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine. At the exhibition, we presented our top products from leading brands: Lee Kum Kee, Huy Fong, Yamasa, JS, Foco, OKF and others. We paid special attention to the hot trend – Mexican products of El Sabor brand. The concept of our participation was built on the topic “world cuisines in your supermarket”, where we showed what ingredients we can provide for Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican cuisines and others. This arrangement of products on the shelves is now very popular around the world, so we wanted to show how this can be organized with us.

The exhibition was organized New Products Alley, where we presented:

  • Gluten-free soy sauce Tamari of Yamasa brand;
  • Drinks with natural aloe of OKF brand;
  • Nori chips with the almond slices of Kwang brand;
  • Corn chips nachos and dip sauces for them of El Sabor brand;
  • Spicy sauce Sriracha of Huy Fong brand.

These were three busy and productive days.

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