A new step towards mastery with Le Cordon Bleu

Food photography is becoming more and more important in the world of cooking, because it plays a key role in the presentation of dishes and the attractiveness of a restaurant to guests. It does not depend on what kind of cuisine you offer to guests, your dishes must always be impeccable and you can tell about them with the help of food photography.

Le Cordon Bleu - International Culinary Academy«Morskyi Dim» - a company that, despite the challenges of time, strives for constant development. Recently, our employees joined a training course on food photography at the school Le Cordon Blue London.

Le Cordon Bleu is a network of international culinary academies known for its reputation and high teaching standards. The history of Le Cordon Bleu began in 1895 in Paris (France) and today the school has more than 35 academies around the world and is known as a leading institution for those seeking to learn culinary arts, hospitality or restaurant business management.

This time, master classes on food photography by the world-famous virtuoso of culinary photography, Alan Donaldson, impressed not only us, but also guests from England, India, and France.

Kateryna Pustovit on a food photography course from Le Cordon BleuKateryna Pustovit, a food photographer of the company, comments about the training as follows: "I am happy to spend these few days among professionals in my field: chefs and food photographers, which hold sessions for European restaurant business leaders. I know that these craftsmen work with Michelin-starred establishments, and I have the opportunity to gain excellent experience, which I will definitely implement in the new projects of the Morskyi Dim company".

Several days of incredibly interesting training proved once again – our team is passionate and crazy not only about their work, but about the art of food photography. Studying at such a well-known institution is an extremely useful and exciting experience. We are happy to share our new knowledge with you, dear partners, raising the level of Ukrainian cooking to new heights!

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