The main exhibition of the hotel and restaurant business Forech 2018

Every year in Kiev, the largest exhibition of hotel and restaurant business is held – Forech. From 13 to 15 November 2018, thousands of restaurateurs, chefs and hoteliers from all over Ukraine attended the main event of Ukraine.

We, the Group of Companies “Morskoi dom”, also take part in this event every year. This year we decided to present the culinary trends that exist now in the world, and which we bring to Ukraine.

Among the main trends we identified:

  • Trend of avocado. A fruit that makes the whole world go crazy.
  • Trend of sriracha. Spicy fermented chilli sauce is what gives any dish bright colors and impressive taste sensations.
  • Trend of TEX-MEX. The kitchen of Texas and Mexico is now in Ukraine – do not miss the chance to be "on the wave".
  • Trend of ramen soup. The popularity of Japanese cuisine is not limited to only sushi and rolls. This boom has caused traditional ramen soup.
  • Trend of oyster sauce. If soy sauce has already been learned to apply to different products from different cuisines, now it is time for an oyster sauce.
  • Trend of bao buns. Soft steamed buns bao – this is what flooded the whole world.
  • Trend of finger foods. Finger foods are not just a story of catering or street food. In any restaurant of any segment there should be positions that meet this trend. The pace of life dictates its own rules and they should obey.
  • Trend of colored food. Black food already surprises no one. What about pink? Trend came to us from Japan and we are very pleased with it, because it is bright and colorful!
  • Trend of drinks from aloe. Aloe is a plant from which many products that meet the direction of healthy and proper nutrition are made. And drinks – this is something that can always be "on hand".
  • Trend of coconut products. Coconuts are not only tasty, but also useful. Speaking about nutrition, we can not say about the transition to food of plant origin. Coconut milk and cream, for example, will perfectly replace cow milk. Coconut milk is also an indispensable ingredient of many Asian dishes that are now so popular.
  • The trend of gluten-free products. The last few years have been talking about gluten, so restaurants have begun to actively introduce dishes that do not have gluten, because now there is a huge demand for this. And our gluten-free Yamasa soy sauce will become an indispensable ingredient in their preparation.

Follow the trends with us and success will smile at you!

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