The main exhibition of hotel and restaurant business Forech 2019

Every year the largest exhibition of the hotel and restaurant business is held in Kyiv – Forech, which took place in September from 25 to 27.  Thousands of restaurateurs, chefs and hoteliers from all over Ukraine attended the main specialized event in Ukraine.

This year, we, the Sea House Group of Companies, decided to present culinary trends that are gaining popularity all over the world and in Ukraine.


JAPANESE CUISINE in Ukraine today – this is an abundance of identical concepts, while a new wave of development in this direction is gaining strength all over the world. In the conditions of fierce competition for the guest's attention, a real BOOM arose for the Japanese FUSION. It is a combination of culinary techniques, traditions and products from different cuisines of the world in one dish. Now, for example, rolls – it's not just fresh fish, rice, soy sauce and nori. Now this is the author's approach to creating new tastes and combinations. Bright sauces, unique toppings, a tandem of local and imported products, new serving forms and options for processing ingredients – all this is now trendy and in demand all over the world. And don’t think that FUSION – this is only for premium restaurants. There are many examples of global chains (Bamboo Sushi, USA) and independent (Eat Tokyo, London) establishments with affordable prices that have followed the wave. and were able not only to retain regular guests, but also to attract new ones.


Pan-Asian cuisine has already firmly established itself in the HoReCa segment of Ukraine. And now we see a huge number of different restaurant concepts. But one of the most popular and relevant today is pan-Asian STREET FOOD. WOK noodles and rice continue to be of interest to consumers – This can be seen from the fact that every month more and more new establishments with such a menu open. Also, the STREET FOOD menu is replenished with positions of the so-called FINGER FOODS – that is, something you can eat with your hands. Bao buns, spring rolls, temaki sushi, onigiri, tempura, boiled edamame beans – This is just part of what we can offer under the pan-Asian STREET FOOD concept. We would also like to highlight onigiri – triangular-shaped rice products with various fillings, wrapped in nori. This is a real trend in Japan and is actively gaining global popularity in the street food segment. After all, this is food that fully meets modern fashion: convenient, for every taste, because the filling can be absolutely anything (fish, vegetables, meat), and also satisfies the craving for something new and interesting.

BAO STEAM BUN "Happy Bell" - brand leader in frozen dough products.

 Morskoy House offers ready-made recipe solutions for BAO steam buns, which were developed by our brand chef Ilya Chervenko.

SPRING ROLL "Spring Home" - brand leader in the Pan-Asian frozen food market.

NOODS - we present the widest range of noodles for Pan-Asian dishes.  We constantly and carefully approach the selection of ingredients and products, so we offer a high-quality variety of noodles, both for professional use and for home use: wheat udon, ramen, soba, yellow noodles and bean noodles of the JS brand; rice noodles, starch noodles with sweet potato, green beans, Bich Chi brand potatoes.

Onigiri is a popular Japanese dish in a triangular shape with nori, rice and various fillings.  Sea House offers Nori for onigiri in individual packaging.  Each package has cooking instructions, so they are easy to prepare.  This is a unique and new offer for restaurants in the fast food, catering and delivery segments.  Ready onigiri can be easily transported and stored for a long time.

 Follow the trends with us and success will smile on you!

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