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The main gastronomic event of the country - Creative Chefs Summit 2018 took place in Kiev

On December 1, the third international summit of chefs Creative Chefs Summit 2018, organized by the company “Hoteliero”, was held in CEC Parkovy.

This year the summit attended 800 chefs, cooks, sous-chefs and restaurateurs from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Austria, Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Italy.

On the main stage master classes and reports were presented by 14 chefs, scientists and TV presenters from 8 countries of the world: Ukraine, France, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Great Britain, Denmark, the USA. By tradition, the 15th chef, Sergey Kalinin, moderated the summit.

This year concept of the summit was focused on the topic: “Who is the chef?”, which the speakers disclosed in their reports and master classes, based on their philosophy, the approach to creating recipes, techniques, texture and serving dishes.

We, the Group of Companies “Morskoi dom” acted as partners of this event. We are very pleased that with the products that we bring to our Ukrainian chefs, world-class chefs are happy to work with.

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