Teriyaki sauce, JS, 30 g
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Teriyaki sauce, JS, 30 g

Packaging, weight/volume
0,030 l/btl - 60 btls/box
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Teriyaki sauce is one of the most popular Japanese sauces. From Japanese "teri" is translated as "shine", and "what" means "fried". Coys Teriyaki JS is an excellent marinade that softens even tough meat and gives it special shades of taste. Meat and fish cooked with this sauce have a characteristic shine, a crispy crust and a delicate and spicy taste.


Prepared water, sugar, dehydrated soy sauce (soybeans, wheat flour, maltodextrin thickener, table salt, sugar color, flavor and aroma enhancers: sodium inosinate, sodium guanylate, disodium succinate), starch, table salt, vegetable protein hydrolyzed, acidity regulator citric acid, flavor and aroma enhancers: monosodium glutamate, sodium inosinate, sodium guanylate; preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate; dyes: sugar color, annatto. The product or its components can cause an individual allergic reaction

Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy value (calories)550.9 kJ / 131.7 kcal
Proteins0.9 g
Fats0.02 g
Carbohydrates33 g
Salt2.2 g

Storage conditions and shelf life

Store at temperatures from +2°C to +25°C  and relative air humidity not higher than 75%. Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture. After opening the package, the shelf life is no more than 30 days when stored at temperatures from +2⁰С to +8⁰С.
Type of packaging: plastic cup