Sesame sauce, JS, 200 ml
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Sesame sauce, JS, 200 ml

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200 ml
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Sesame sauce is a traditional Japanese sauce that has become one of the most beloved in more than 100 countries around the world. The best way to dressing up the salad with algae «Hiyashi Wakame». It can also become a universal seasoning to the spices of any kitchen. There is a lot of sesame relish and a pleasant pea aroma, which is why it’s called "pea" in the same way. 

The fineness of JS's sesame sauce makes sure that the sesame seed sauce and high-acid soy sauce are spicy. Sesame sauce JS can be a great alternative to mayonnaise or top sauces. Miraculously savor up to m & # 39; clear, ribn, vegetable herbs, salads and garnishes. This is a ready-made sauce, which will add a unique taste and aroma to salads like Caesar and salads with fresh vegetables.


Drinking water, sesame seed, soybean oliya, soy sauce (soybean, wheat, kitchen strength), white zucchini, acidity regulator octic acid, egg yolk, yeast extract, sil, mushroom sauce, emulsifier: starch modifications, sweet taste and aroma of glu sodium tamate , spices, xanthan gum stabilizer, kharchova essence, preservative disodium edatate, stevia extract, sucralose pidsolodzhuvach. The product or its components may cause an individual allergic reaction.

Food price per 100 g

Energy value (calories)946 kJ / 226 kcal
2.1 g
Fat19.5 g
9.8 g

Remove the term of applicability

Take care of the temperature from 0 °C to +25 °C  and the moisture content is not higher than 75%. Savings term: 12 months from the date of collection.
Package type: Glass plyashka