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On August 21-23, 2018, we, Group of Companies “Morskoy Dom”, acted as an Honorary Partner at the Cooking Cup of Ukraine 2018 og the Eastern Region in Kharkov. The event was organized by the Association of Chefs of Ukraine in the Eastern Region and the culinary school Al Cuisine.

The competition was attended by cooks from all over Ukraine, who fought in 3 nominations:

  • Juniors;
  • Confectioners;
  • Teams;
  • Chefs and sous-chefs.

We had the opportunity not only to demonstrate our new products on the exhibition zone, but also to provide products for the contest participants themselves. It should be noted that Ukrainian cooks, regardless of experience and specialization, are not afraid to experiment and create something completely new and interesting. And we are glad that we also inspire them for this.

On August 23, the final of the competition was held, and we all learned the winners:

• Vitaly Starokozhko won the nomination “Gold Jacket, Junior Cook 2018”;

• Yevgeny Starokozhko won the nomination “Gold jacket, confectioner 2018”;

• The team won "some like it hot" won the nomination "Gold Jacket, Team 2018" category,;

• Vitalio Nuzhny won the nomination “Gold Jacket, Chef 2018”.

We heartily congratulate the winners and wish everyone not to stop at what has been achieved, but to constantly create, look for new tastes and forms.

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