Master class by brand chef of the Morskoy Dom company Ilya Chervenko

Asian cuisine has always impressed with its depth, variety and sophistication. It is like a living palette, where each ingredient is a separate color, and each dish is an unparalleled masterpiece. To create such masterpieces, you need to be a culinary master and understand every shade of taste, feel the subtlest nuances and aromas. Mastery in Asian cuisine is not just the ability to cook, but also the ability to embody the traditions and culture of each country's cooking.

Ilya Chervenko - brand chief of the company Morskyi Dim

Ilya Chervenko, the brand-chef of the "Morsky Dim" company, is a true master of Asian cuisine. He knows exactly how to reveal the palette of incredible flavors and successfully shares his knowledge with our partners.

This was not the first time that a professional master class was held with the participation of Ilya, created specifically for chefs of sushi establishments of Ukraine, who strive for even greater perfection in their work.

Every restaurateur understands that the success of the establishment depends not only on the quality of the products, the interior, but also on the skill of the chef. It is this person who creates the atmosphere of taste that remains in the guest's memory forever. Master classes by Ilya Chervenka are not just training for chefs. This is a journey into the culture of Asian cuisine, where every detail matters. This is an opportunity to learn how to combine ingredients correctly, what techniques to use to achieve the perfect taste, appearance and how to create your own unique style.

Our master classes are focused on different areas: sushi, wok dishes, traditional Asian soups and exclusive dishes of Asian cuisine. For each partner, we are ready to create unique training programs and help develop business.

Master classes of Asian cusine from Ilya Chervenko

We, at "Morsky Dim", are sure that this is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience, knowledge, and tools that will help enrich the menu of your establishment and raise it to a new level.

Taste, quality and professionalism are the real ingredients of success! So let your success begin together with the partnership with "Morsky Dim"!

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