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Rice Noodle 5 mm, BICH-CHI, 200г

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BICH-CHI is the leader in the production of noodles from various products: rice, beans, sweet potatoes, potatoes in Vietnam. All types of noodles and vermicelli are made according to authentic recipes using local high quality raw materials: rice, beans, sweet potatoes, potatoes and crystal clear water. A wide range of various types of noodles allows you to develop a variety of dishes for any restaurant - from premium to fast food.

BICH-CHI RICE Noodles are traditional Asian noodles made from rice flour. Rice noodles do not have a pronounced taste, so they go well with various sauces. Rice noodle dishes are served both cold and hot. Noodles will be a delicious side dish for fried fish, seafood and meat.

How to cook rice noodles

Rinse the noodles in water. Then add it to boiling water and cook for 6-8 minutes. Rinse the noodles again with water, shake off the water and add some sesame or other vegetable oil.