Ginger pickled pink. All for sushi. Sushi products
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Pink Pickled Ginger, JS, 40g

Packaging, weight/volume
0,04 kg/pack - 200 packs/box

Pink pickled ginger is crispy thin slices of pink ginger root with a spicy-sweet taste. Thanks to the marinade, ginger loses its excessive bitterness. It is used as an essential ingredient for sushi, rolls, sashimi.

Pickled ginger serves as a natural disinfectant in raw fish dishes. But few people know that its main function is to cleanse the taste buds of the oral cavity between different types of sushi, rolls, sashimi. Thus, the taste of each individual type is more clearly and pronouncedly felt. Pickled ginger is also used as an additional ingredient in rice, noodles, and seafood dishes. It gives the dishes an additional flavor palette.

The presented ginger is packaged in individual, tightly closed 40 g tablet packages. Such packaging is an excellent solution for delivery services, takeaway food, street food outlets (street food outlets).

Ingredients: ginger root, water, salt, sugar, preservative (acetic acid), acidity regulator (citric acid), food coloring E129.