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Dried Mushroom Fungus Black, JS, 1kg

Packaging, weight/volume
1 kg/pack - 10 packs/box

Fungus Black Dried Mushrooms, TM JS - Black dried mushrooms, also known as black fungus or black wood sponge, are a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine. They have a characteristic taste and aroma that add depth and uniqueness to any dish. These dried mushrooms have a high content of vitamins and minerals, which makes them nutritionally valuable and useful for the body.

Fungus Black mushrooms can be used in various dishes: in soups, sauces, added to salads or used to prepare marinades. They perfectly combine with other ingredients, adding a special taste and aroma to your culinary skills.

Barcode: 4901177100103


Auricularia Auricula 100%

Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy value (calories)853.3 kJ (kJ) / 205 kcal (kcal)
Proteins12.1 g
Fats1.5 g
Carbohydrates35.7 g
Salt0.12 g

Storage conditions and shelf life

Store at temperatures from 0 °C to +25°C  and relative air humidity not higher than 75%. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Country of origin: China
Type of packaging: Polymer package