Eggplant&tomato salad
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Fresh salad leaves, crispy eggplants pieces and ripe tomato in sweet and spicy sauce.


  • fresh eggplant (70 g)
  • fresh tomato (70 g)
  • tapioka starch (20 g)
  • salt (2 g)
  • salad leaves (20 g)
  • cilantro (3 g)
  • lemon juice (4 g)
  • Shriracha Sauce Uni-Eagle (5 g)
  • Teriyaki Sauce Yamasa (40 g)


  • Cut an eggplant and tomato into big pieces and salt them. Bread an eggplant and deep fry until cooked.
  • Mix teriyaki sauce, sriracha sauce and lemon juice.
  •  Season cooked eggplant and tomato with mixed sauce.
  •  Decorate plate with salad leaves, put eggplant&tomato salad and cilantro up the dish.

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