Lenten roll with roasted paprika

Mixed tastes of roasted vegetables, delicate tofu cheese and plum-chili sauce.


  • semi finished rice (120 g)
  • nori seaweed (0,5 sheet)
  • roasted paprika (70 g)
  • tofu (30 g)
  • eggplant (30 g)
  • potato starch (10 g)
  • Plum Sauce Lee Kum Kee (40 g)
  • Shriracha Sauce Uni-Eagle (4 g)


  • Bread an eggplant in starch and deep fry. Use to wrap up inside the roll.
  • Roast a paprika, peel and cut it into slice. Use to wrap up over the roll
  • Mix plum sauce and shriracha sauce, evaporate at high temperature or thicken with starch.
  • Pour sauce before serving.
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