Vinegar rice "Suehiro". All for sushi. Sushi products
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White Vinegar Suehiro, MIZKAN

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20 l/pack - 1 pack/box

Suehiro is a product from an expert in the production of spices and vinegars. The Japanese company Mizkan has been developing and improving additives for Japanese, Pan-Asian and European cuisine for several centuries. When you hear the name Mizkan, know this is a top quality product. Suehiro vinegar has a light and mild taste. Ideal for preparing sushi rice dressing, giving it a velvety, soft and aromatic taste with a delicate malt and honey undertones. It will well complement the taste of not only sushi and rolls, but also many other dishes of Japanese, Pan-Asian and European cuisine. Adds sophistication to dressings, marinades and sauces.