Rice vinegar "Mitsukan Fuji Su". All for sushi. Sushi products
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Rice vinegar Fuji Su, MIZKAN, 1l

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20 l/pack - 1 pack/box

Mizkan is the world's leading manufacturer of liquid seasonings. The main activities of the company are the production of rice vinegar and culinary sake.

Fuji - white rice vinegar, an indispensable ingredient for making rice dressing for sushi and rolls. This seasoning is used to flavor rice and seafood. The delicate taste of white rice vinegar perfectly complements and reveals the taste of salads, vegetable dishes, fish and poultry, and also turns sauces into an original and savory addition.

This vinegar can become a universal seasoning for any cuisine. Compared to other types of vinegar, it has a lower acidity and is considered a dietary product.