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Teriyaki Sauce, YAMASA, 300ml

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Real teriyaki sauce from the famous brand Yamasa. Yamasa Teriyaki Sauce is a rich sauce that has a pleasant salty-sweet taste and caramel aftertaste. Due to the high saturation of the sauce in taste, a very small amount is required, which will significantly save its consumption.

Teriyaki sauce produced by Yamasa is considered truly authentic, which is appreciated by many world chefs. Teriyaki sauce is a universal sauce and goes well with absolutely any product: meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, tofu, herbs. That is why it is used for different purposes. As a marinade for meat, poultry or fish (we recommend marinating in teriyaki for about 2 hours).

In addition to making the product soft and juicy, when fried or grilled, it will also give it an appetizing shine. Teriyaki is also used as a dip for a variety of foods. Teriyaki-infused dishes such as fried rice and noodles and teriyaki chicken are very common. It is also added to salads as a dressing. No less popular is the use of teriyaki as a topping for sushi and rolls.