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Whole Frozen Baby Corn, JS, 2kg

Packaging, weight/volume
10 kg/pack - 1 pack/box

Frozen corn "Baby" JS is a perfectly made product for those who appreciate the freshness and unique taste of corn. Our "Baby" corn grown from the best varieties, and then instantly frozen to preserve all its nutrients and freshness.

Corn "Baby" - these are small, delicate corn kernels with a sweet, crunchy taste. It is prepared quickly and easily, is added to various dishes of Asian cuisine and is especially tasty on the grill or barbecue. 

Barcode: 4901177260333


Corn "Baby" frozen 100%

Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy value (calories)139.7 kJ / 33.4 kcal
Proteins2.7 g
Fats0.53 g
Carbohydrates4.4 g
Salt0.18 g

Storage conditions and shelf life

Store at a temperature not higher than -18°C  and relative air humidity not higher than 80-85%. Defrost before use. Do not refreeze.

Country of origin: Vietnam
Type of packaging: Polymer package