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Not All Coconuts Are Created Equal – Why FOCO Uses Only Single Source Coconuts.

Wondering why FOCO 100% Pure Coconut Water is the best tasting coconut water in the world? Because the most delicious and refreshing coconut water comes from young green coconuts grown in Southeast Asia.

Today, many brands source coconuts from all over the world, blending and mixing coconuts from various countries, compromising the quality and taste and distorting the natural flavor. But FOCO Pure Coconut Water is harvested exclusively from dedicated plantations that enable us to keep the taste, quality and supply consistent.

Dedicated Coconut Plantations. Dedicated Production Facilities. Dedicated to Great Taste!

At FOCO, we control the product from picking, processing and packaging right to delivery in the U.S. Every batch undergoes a careful Ultra High Temperature (UHT) process to ensure freshness and shelf stability. We also pack our coconut water in a dedicated production facility (currently, FOCO is the only brand produced in its own dedicated facility), and we never overstock (so every batch retains maximum freshness). All this means you’ll enjoy the same delicious flavor every time you drink FOCO Pure Coconut Water.

FOCO – 25 Years of Superior Coconut Products
The FOCO brand, established in 1982, is world renowned for its coconut beverages – along with a full line of exotic tropical fruit drinks. In 2012, Thai Agri Food Co., the parent company of the FOCO brand, introduced FOCO Pure Coconut Water to the U.S, packed in convenient Tetra Pak cartons.

For generations locals have enjoyed this sweet, refreshing heavenly water – and benefited from its natural goodness. Now everyone who loves coconut water can get the very best tasting coconut water in the world – FOCO Pure Coconut Water. Superior taste. Nutrient rich with 5 essential electrolytes. Awesome hydration.
One taste and you’ll Go Loco for FOCO, too!